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With the EMPOWERMENT PROFILE to your vocation.


With the EMPOWERMENT PROFILE to your calling.
EMPOWERMENT COACHING is a specially designed coaching program that supports you in finding and living your true calling - your Purpose.
In doing so, we use the EMPOWERMENT PROFILE, our coaching canvas, which allows you to identify your competencies and talents, giving you insight into which talents you are already living and which you are not (yet). It gives you clarity about which things you are still allowed to develop in order to realize your calling. You can see at any time where you stand and where you are going. You get impulses about your vocation and how you want to contribute to the new world of tomorrow.

Why talents? Our natural talents or gifts are our building blocks for our vocation. They are your inner treasure that allows you to develop fully into yourself. So let's lift your treasure together.

What awaits you:
  • Let one of our experienced coaches accompany you individually in your evolution. Together we discuss your starting situation and develop your target vision of your vocation. Together we will define your roadmap and stages on how to reach your calling.
  • On your journey, your adventure to yourself, you will learn to listen not only to your head, but also to your intuition, your inner voice and your heart. For they point you in the right direction.
  • You are in your own responsibility from the beginning and choose which topics you want to look at and also how long you want to work on them. You can coordinate your individual topics and dates with us. Our session units for individual coaching (30 min) take place online, with a coach of your choice.
For a maximum effective start we recommend 3 sessions (1,5 h). After that, additional follow-up sessions can be booked every 1-2 weeks as needed. Sometimes one session is enough.

COACHING THEMES. We support you in:
  • to move from your profession to your vocation.
  • to find and develop your individual talents.
  • create a new professional perspective / life vision.
  • dissolve beliefs that block your full potential.
  • to establish beliefs that support your full potential.
  • to be fully yourself, as you were meant to be.
  • to be able to act more and more from your joy and intuition.
  • how to say yes to yourself, even if that means saying a loving no to others around you.
  • to accompany you individually on your inner evolutionary journey.
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