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With the EMPOWERMENT PROFILE to your vocation.


With the EMPOWERMENT PROFILE to your vocation.
The EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP is a specially designed coaching program that supports you in finding and living your true calling - your Purpose.

WE starts with YOU.
  • You want to finally realize your dreams and prefer to develop in a group? Then our coaching workshop format is just right for you.
  • You want to finally realize your dreams?
  • You want to reorient yourself professionally and are looking for job coaching.
  • You only want to do what you love and are good at. Just be you.
  • You want to find and live your vocation and are looking for vocation coaches.
  • You want to take your life into your own hands, live your talents.
  • You want to be guided by your heart and intuition.
  • You want to connect with like-minded people who inspire and support you to reach your goal together.

Be part of our Outdoor EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP
"Fully yours & your contribution"

Location: COCONAT, Bad Belzig, Germany
Language: German (with English speaking support)

Next available dates:

07. - 09.10.2022 (limited Get2Know Offer)
28. - 30.10.2022 (limited Get2Know Offer)
Choose your preferred date.

After that:
14. - 16.04.2023 (regular price)
28. - 30.04.2023 (regular price)
If you want to book one of these dates, please book the regular price in the shop.

Experience yourself as you really are by following your inner call. Experience and be amazed as you discover "fully yours", your calling. Experience how you successfully realize your dreams and thereby automatically create your unique contribution to a new, common WE - simply by living your calling. Because you are just as right as you are and just as invaluable for all of us!
And if all of us together only did what everyone naturally loves and is good at, and shared our talents in community - wouldn't we all be happier and benefit from it? We're sure we would. And you can be a part of it.

This is how we proceed.
In our live workshop in beautiful Brandenburg, 1h away from Berlin. You will learn about your vocation individually, creatively and self-effectively at your own pace, and according to your needs.
Let yourself be guided in the group and inspire each other. Among like-minded people we discuss together your starting situation and develop the target vision of your vocation, your dream life. You define your vocation roadmap - the way you want to reach your vocation. We use not only the expertise of our vocation coaches, but also the versatile swarm intelligence of the group.
With the help of our EMPOWERMENT PROFILE, you can see at any time where you currently stand and where your calling lies. You will go on a talent hunt and find your natural, perhaps still hidden talents, which will help you to find your calling. At the same time we will ask your intuition, your inner voice and your heart. Experience yourself in a community of like-minded people who will set out with you on the path to develop into yourself. Be creative, be natural, be the playful, free child again who can't dream big enough. We do too ;)
Then learn how to create your ideal growth environment, and develop your first walking steps towards a calling. By developing your EMPOWERMENT PROFILE, identifying your talents and sharing them in the community, you will automatically find the right people to contact for your next evolutionary step towards your vocation.

With the Empowerment Profile to your vocation
The EMPOWERMENT PROFILE, our coaching canvas, allows you to identify your competencies and talents, giving you insight into which talents you are already living and which ones you are not (yet). It provides you with clarity about which things you are still allowed to develop in order to realize your calling. You can see at any time where you stand and where you are going. You get impulses about your vocation and how you want to contribute to the new world of tomorrow.
Why talents? Our natural talents or gifts are our building blocks for our vocation. They are your inner treasure that allows you to develop fully into yourself. So let's lift your treasure together.
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